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I help improve your thinking strategies so that you can become more efficient. 


I'm Dr. Juan-Carlos Durán. I help you improve your thought processes so that you can accomplish your goals.


Our brains are making hundreds of decisions per day. We often think we're making logical decisions, but our brains are just trying to get through the day. Our brains take shortcuts to conserve energy. In other words, our brains can be lazy but you're the one paying the price. 

Although this doesn’t sound efficient, it is a design inherent in our biology. While our brains are smartly trying to keep us from depleting our energy by overthinking, sometimes our brains lead us to make decisions that aren't always the best ones. Often those decisions impede our road to success.  


In my talks I explain how our brains work, how you can recognize some of these decision errors, and how you can achieve your goals by shifting your thinking process.

Leadership and the Brain


I'm a scientist and business professional. 


As a scientist I specialize in cyber psychology and my research area is how human beings make sense of their environment and make decisions. As a business professional, I've been at the forefront of starting various companies and advising corporations as well. Combined, my overall broad experience has given me a unique, science-based perspective on how the brain absorbs information and helps us decide what to do.

So why do I speak about this subject?


Decision-making is something we don't always put much thought into. Most of our decisions are automatic. We like to think we make logical decisions, but most of our decisions are based on emotions and not logic.  The reason for this is that our brains like to take it easy. Yes, they're lazy.  On the other hand, our brains do need to conserve energy to help keep us alive. Our brains have a lot on their plate juggling our everyday life so the quicker they can help us decide on things and move on to their next task, the better. It's biology. Except, we often make wrong choices. 

In the business world, I've been there. I too have had plenty of tight deadlines, and management and operational decisions, to make. I too have allowed my brain to take shortcuts without knowing it.


Sometimes, under pressure, our thought process immediately goes to the "I can't do this" mentality. But is it really us thinking we can't accomplish something or is it our brains trying to "protect" us... by being lazy?


In my talks, I use my knowledge and experience to help you understand the cognitive biases that can lead to poor decision-making. By understanding this you'll have a better blueprint to accomplish your goals. The tools you walk away with can help you in your professional and personal lives. 


Signature Keynote Speech


Decoding The Mind - Unleashing Your Potential By Mastering Hidden Thoughts

Decision-making is a 24-hour effort. Although we all believe our decisions are based on logic, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Instead, decision-making is a process our brains go through using hidden biases we have learned throughout our lives. Our decisions, therefore, are heavily biased and often based on emotions, whether we realize it or not.

In this science fact-based session I discuss how to spot the hidden decision-making process so that optimal decisions for success can be made.

By the end of the talk, you'll: 

  • understand the science of decision making

  • learn about the cognitive biases that can lead to poor decision-making

  • improve your decision-making process


Whether you're a C-level executive or someone starting their career, this talk is for you.   


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