I'm Dr. Juan-Carlos Duran

I'm a scientist, company founder, public speaker, board member, and artist.

about me

I'm Dr. Juan-Carlos Durán. I'm a digital media scientist, company founder, speaker, and artist. My scientific focus is cyberpsychology and the study of human behavior in digital environments. I focus on digital technology’s ability to influence and persuade human perception and decision-making. 


​I'm a leader in start-up and corporate operations. I have broad business experience including leadership in media and communications; developing and improving management teams; improving operational and financial performance, and improving corporate growth strategies. I've been able to use strategic vision, leadership, communication, and organizational skills to achieve goals, and deliver high-value growth strategies for enterprise organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 Powerhouse organizations.

I believe in leading by example and inspiring others to achieve beyond expectations. I use my experience to provide knowledge that fuels effective communication and the development of sound, data-driven insights.

I'm also an artist and use photography as a form of storytelling.


Corporate Strategy Public Speaking Operations Science Cyberpsychology Boardroom Strategy Leadership Digital Healthcare