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Dr. Juan-Carlos Duran, PhD

I'm a Scientist, Board Member,  Public Speaker & Artist


About Dr. Juan-Carlos Durán

I'm Dr. Juan-Carlos Durán. I'm a digital media scientist, company founder, speaker, and artist. My scientific focus is cyberpsychology and the study of human behavior in digital environments. I focus on digital technology’s ability to influence and persuade human perception and decision-making. 

I'm a leader in start-up and corporate operations. I am co-founder of Kova Healthcare and PlanSeek Intelligent Medicare Solutions™ among other companies. I have broad business experience including leadership in media and communications; developing and improving management teams; improving operational and financial performance, and improving corporate growth strategies. I use my experience in science and business to speak to executives about decision-making

I'm also passionate about art and use photography as a form of storytelling.

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Dr. Juan-Carlos Duran, PhD
Corporate Advisor


I Start Companies and I Advise Companies

Entrepreneurship is embedded in my brain. I continue to work on new ventures. However, I now also use my experience to help companies reach their strategic goals, and understand the importance of having a well-rounded board of directors. I currently serve on the boards of Kova Healthcare and Adelante Mujer. My board experience includes:


  • Corporate Operations

  • Governance

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Cyber Risks

  • Crisis Management


In the past, I've been able to use strategic vision, leadership, communication, and organizational skills to achieve goals, and deliver high-value growth strategies for enterprise organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 Powerhouse organizations.

I believe in leading by example and inspiring others to achieve beyond expectations. I use my experience to provide knowledge that fuels effective communication and the development of sound, data-driven insights.

​I'm an Independent Board Director and I have been recognized by the National Association of Corporate Directors as an NACD Fellow. These are experienced business people within the highest echelon of those committed to excellence in the boardroom.  ​

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