Public Speaking

Often, the best way to understand the impact technology is having on human beings is to speak directly about it.  Some of the topics I cover include:

  • What is technology doing to our brain?

  • How is technology changing our social dynamics?

  • How will technology impact our jobs and careers?

  • How does social media and sharing affect our behavior?


  • "Social Media is Fooling Your Brain" - September 2018, Fresno, CA

  • NBC Interview "Adelante Mujer Conference" - September 2018, Fresno, CA

  • NBC Interview "Role of Social Media in Las Vegas Massacre" - October 2017, Fresno, CA

  • "Humans & Digital Technology" - September 2017, Fresno, California

  • "The Influence of Micronarratives in Travel Website Bookings" - August 2015, Toronto, Canada