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Specializing in digital media psychology

Public Speaking

Often, the best way to understand the impact technology is having on human beings is to speak directly about it.  Some of the topics I cover include:

  • What is technology doing to our brain?

  • How is technology changing our social dynamics?

  • How will technology impact our jobs and careers?

  • How does social media and sharing affect our behavior?


  • "Social Media is Fooling Your Brain" - September 2018, Fresno, CA

  • NBC Interview "Adelante Mujer Conference" - September 2018, Fresno, CA

  • NBC Interview "Role of Social Media in Las Vegas Massacre" - October 2017, Fresno, CA

  • "Humans & Digital Technology" - September 2017, Fresno, California

  • "The Influence of Micronarratives in Travel Website Bookings" - August 2015, Toronto, Canada