Science. Science. Science. Science isn't a mere opinion or a set of beliefs. Science is based on logic and observation. As someone trained in the scientific method it's disheartening to see science so often misinterpreted. Communicating science hasn't always been easy. I like using my extensive background in media and communications to properly communicate scientific findings so that they are:

  • not misinterpreted

  • easier to understand.

Whenever science makes an appearance in a project I'm working on, I do my best to simplify the concept and make it easier to grasp. 

Media science is full of evidence of just how bad we humans are at misinterpreting media messages. The psychology of media is overflowing with fascinating subject matter that I enjoy researching and lecturing about. 


"Each time we make decisions there are psychological associations that lead us to make them. Both rational and emotional frameworks are employed when we make choices. But unlike the physical presence and behaviors of others serving as cues for our own behavior, in the digital environment decision making often involves cues from algorithms and visual elements. This, however, doesn’t make interactions in digital environments any less of a 'real' experience than physical ones.

Science is continually making digital technology more personal, powerful, and accurate. This rapid advancement will not only create more opportunities for digital tools to assist us, but it may also employ more powerful psychological tactics to influence our decision making. "


 Juan-Carlos Duran, PhD