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Specializing in digital media psychology

A Little About Me

Juan-Carlos Duran, PhD

Doctoral Work

Digital Media Psychology



Perception and construction of reality in digital environments


Business Interests

Digital health technology, artificial intelligence systems



Science communication, science literacy, writing, photography



Hi! I'm Dr. Juan-Carlos Durán. I'm a digital media scientist with a PhD in media psychology. I specialize in cyberpsychology and the study of human behavior in digital environments. Specifically, I research digital technology’s ability to influence and persuade human perception and decision making. Some of topics I've written about include neurobiological approaches to eliciting feelings in digital environments; the use of digital media to assist cognitive decline in older adults; and the influence of narrative in digital environments. My main interest is improving digital healthcare communications and patient interaction. I'm an advisor to companies looking to understand the behavior of their demographics as they use a company's digital technology.


Along the way I've  been responsible for leadership in start-up and corporate operations. My overall experience also includes developing and improving management teams, and improving operational and financial performance. I've been able to use strategic vision, leadership, communication and organizational skills in order to achieve business goals.


I also have a passion for science communication. Science isn't mere opinion or a set of beliefs. Science is based on logic and observation.  Communicating  science, however, hasn't always been easy. I enjoy being able to properly communicate scientific findings so that they are 1) not misinterpreted and 2) easier to understand.